Shenzhen CKY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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JIAYU - Baoji Jiayuyutong Electronic Co., Ltd. is an in April 2009 in Shenzhen / China established high-tech company, which has specialized in the research, development and manufacture of Android-smartphones. The Group is active worldwide and has been supplying since 2013 to Europe.

In July 2015, the Baoji Jiayuyutong Electronic Co., Ltd is fused with three well-known companies in the industry and merged into one strong company. Vanzo Communications Inc. and Truly Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. are long-term partners in the field of software development and display production. CKY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. supplies Smartphone Batteries to JIAYU since 2009.

Quality / Functionality:

JIAYU is a trademark - JIAYU is a manufacturer. All smartphones are manufactured in our own factory by hand labor. So JIAYU can ensure a high quality standard in production and offer products at a fair price. Some of the installed phone components are produced by JIAYU. Elementary assemblies are purchased from reputable top manufacturers. Displays by SHARP, LG / processors MTK / cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung / SAMSUNG memory / Gorilla Glass 3.0 from Corning.

Jiayu Smartpones meet very stringent quality standards. All smartphones offered are CE certified and thus the relevant legal requirements for sale within the EU.

A special feature of Jiayu smartphones is the ability to operate 2 simcards simultaneously in one smartphone. This, also known as Dual Sim feature allows to separate and manage business and personal calls in a single device. This function can also be used to combine two different tariffs with each other ... The possibilities are endless.

Currently, the company has ten production lines and two professionally equipped laboratories with different progressive testing equipment and testing equipments. The R & D department consists of 30 employees, added 60 engineers and technical staff from different countries.

Total JIAYU employs over 400 people in China and about 100 more in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

The seedling logo of JiaYu arose from the combination of two letters Jia-Yu in Chinese writing. It shows a fast growing seedling, which turns into a towering tree. The seedling is for great strength and vitality, as it grows through earth and rocks.

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Other Information

  • Company Name: Shenzhen CKY Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Year Established: 2009
  • List of Employees: 100+
  • Legal Representative: Sun Song